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Top 3 Batsmen (By Score)
TeamPlayerTotal RunsAve
Hard HittersJimmy Kumar22024.44
SholayKishore Varma21123.44
Chicago Super KingsAjay Gandhi21026.25
Top 3 Bowlers (By Wickets)
TeamPlayerTotal WktsAve
Desi BoyzPruthvish Patel255.68
Rivercity IndiansAnbuselvam Krishnan215.10
Chicago Super KingsHitesh Khanna206.10
2365Group DSaturday Aug 8 2015 8:00AMScrewdrivers Vs Chicago Super Kings
2366Group CSaturday Aug 8 2015 8:00AMGiants Vs Northwestern
2367Group DSaturday Aug 8 2015 8:00AMChaudhari Knights Vs WCC
2368Group DSaturday Aug 8 2015 8:00AMChallengers Vs Falcons
2369Group DSaturday Aug 8 2015 8:00AMGurnee Gorillas Vs South Shore Spartans
2370Group DSaturday Aug 8 2015 8:00AMNighthawks Vs Rivercity Indians
2371Group DSaturday Aug 8 2015 8:00AMLions Vs Chicago Tigers
2372Group BSaturday Aug 8 2015 8:00AMKnights Vs Warriors
2373Group BSaturday Aug 8 2015 8:00AMWrecking Wolves Vs Veer XI
2374Group BSaturday Aug 8 2015 8:00AMMavericks Vs Desi Boyz Stars
2375Group BSaturday Aug 8 2015 8:00AMOh Gawd Vs Spartans
2376Group BSaturday Aug 8 2015 8:00AMATMIYA Vs Rockets
2377Group BSaturday Aug 8 2015 8:00AMShockers Vs TORMENTORS
2378Group CSunday Aug 9 2015 8:00AMTITANS Vs Wheeling Rangers
2379Group CSunday Aug 9 2015 8:00AMTeam Royals Vs Sharpers
2380Group CSunday Aug 9 2015 8:00AMNaperville Avengers Vs Headstrong XI
2381Group CSunday Aug 9 2015 8:00AMAurora Warriors Vs Gladiators
2382Group CSunday Aug 9 2015 8:00AMSholay Vs Sharks
2383Group CSunday Aug 9 2015 8:00AMApollo's Eleven Vs Royal Nawabs
2384Group ASunday Aug 9 2015 8:00AMDesi Boyz Vs Invaders
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#2364 -- Sunday Aug 2 2015 8:00AM Chicago Tigers Vs Nighthawks
Toss Won By : Chicago Tigers
Match Won By : Chicago Tigers
Chicago Tigers chased the target of 80 runs with 7 wickets remaining. Thanks Mahesh (Royal Nawabs) for umpiring
#2362 -- Sunday Aug 2 2015 8:00AM Rivercity Indians Vs Falcons
Toss Won By : Rivercity Indians
Match Won By : Falcons
Falcons chased the target in 17 overs. Special thanks to umpire Pavan from Naperville Avengers for staying late due to soccer interruption. Thanks to both the umpires!
#2361 -- Sunday Aug 2 2015 8:00AM Chaudhari Knights Vs South Shore Spartans
Match WON By (Walk-over): South Shore Spartans
Chaudhari Knights gave walkover to SSS.
#2360 -- Sunday Aug 2 2015 8:00AM Headstrong XI Vs Challengers
Toss Won By : Headstrong XI
Match Won By : Headstrong XI
#2359 -- Sunday Aug 2 2015 8:00AM Screwdrivers Vs WCC
Toss Won By : Screwdrivers
Match Won By : Screwdrivers
A Super Over Match.. Continue to read!! After having to put into bat; WCC played sensible cricket picking up good runs with less risk in the first ten overs with 30/2. Screwdrivers like they often do came back strong second half and took regular wickets to have WCC at 51/7. Brilliant bowling by Riyaz who took a 5fer for the match and exceptional catching and ground fielding made it hard for WCC to score. A late burst of shots from Srikanth got WCC to 75 runs before they lost all their wickets. Screwdrivers started the chase impressively with 25 runs in the first five overs. But a wonderful spell of teasing slower deliveries from Rocky/Rakesh got them reeling at 27/4. Hari for screwdrivers stabilized the innings but wickets were still falling more regularly. Some late order sensible batting from Yashwanth, Prasanna brought Screwdrivers close to victory. But excellent catching and fielding by WCC in the last two overs made it a thrilling chase with a run out in the last ball calling it a tie and the match was into the super over. SUPER OVER: Screwdrivers batted first. Rocky again bowled three dots and screwdrivers had managed just 3 runs from first five balls and lost a wicket. Yashwanth played a brilliant straight lofted drive that got the much needed four runs and WCC had to score 7 runs to win the game. Riyaz the man in form; bowled a dream over conceding just 1 run and that was the only ball the batsmen made any connection with the bat. Screwdrivers survived, held their nerve better and came through as winners. Thanks to the umpires who had a very tough job in this close match.
#2358 -- Sunday Aug 2 2015 8:00AM Giants Vs Chicago Super Kings
Match WON By (Walk-over): Chicago Super Kings
#2357 -- Sunday Aug 2 2015 8:00AM Rockets Vs Shockers
Toss Won By : Rockets
Match Won By : Shockers
shockers won the game and chase in 13.3 over 100 runs sunny play really well 10ball 26 runs and 3 sixes. venky play very well too 26 ball and 27 runs .
#2356 -- Sunday Aug 2 2015 8:00AM TORMENTORS Vs Oh Gawd
TORMENTORS won the toss and elected to field first. Oh Gawd scored 50/10 in 17.4 overs. Tormentors chased the target comfortably. Thanks to Umpires.
#2355 -- Sunday Aug 2 2015 8:00AM Desi Boyz Stars Vs ATMIYA
Match WON By (Walk-over): Desi Boyz Stars
#2354 -- Sunday Aug 2 2015 8:00AM Spartans Vs Veer XI
Match WON By (Walk-over): Veer XI
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